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John Fisher
Lehigh University, USA

Fatigue of Steel Bridge Infrastructure
     Keynote Lecture-1
Man-Chung Tang
T.Y. Lin International

A New Concept of Orthotropic Steel Bridge Deck
     Keynote Lecture-2
Mehdi Saiidi
University of Nevada, USA

Managing Seismic Performance of Highway Bridges- Evolution in Experimental Research
     Keynote Lecture-3
Aftab Mufti
ISIS Canada, Canada

Health Monitoring of structures & related education and Training Needs
     Keynote Lecture-4
Holger Svensson
Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner, Germany
Vice-President of IABSE, Germany

Cost-Effective and Durable Cable-Stayed Bridges
     Keynote Lecture-5
Ib Enevoldsen
RAMBʬLL, Denmark

Practical Implementation of Probability Based Assessment Methods for Bridges
     Keynote Lecture-6
Yozo Fujino
University of Tokyo, Japan

Bridge Monitoring in Japan: the Needs and Strategies
     Keynote Lecture-7
Yaojun Ge
Tongji University, China

Bridging Capacity Innovations on Cable-Supported Bridges
     Keynote Lecture-8
Sung-Pil Chang
Seoul National University, Korea

Overcoming Technological Challenges to Create New Values for Bridges
     Keynote Lecture-9
Heonsang Koo
Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs, Korea

Overview of Korean Government's Policy on Maintenance of Road Structures